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When you need to move, call Joanna’s Movers for a free estimate.  Our moving company provides you with our online moving supplies services along with the labor and a truck.  All crew members are neat and clean cut, completed background checks via 3rd party, and work diligently and carefully to ensure that your belongings arrive just as they left.  Let our customer reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie's List help you decide whom you want to enter your home.


Our Online Moving Supply Shop offers sturdy corrugated cardboard moving boxes, moving box kits, moving blankets and packing supplies at the most compatible prices along with free shipping.  Order all your moving supplies in advance and they will be delivered to your doorstep by UPS.

To pack well, one needs the right moving boxes and packing supplies, workstation, and tools. The moving supplies vary by the size of the move and if you are not sure how many boxes you might need, ordering through Moving Box Kits is a great help in removing the guesswork from your ordering.  The kits are easily modified to suit your needs by adding additional boxes such as the Wardrobe Boxes or the Flat Screen TV Boxes.  Each kit contains its own packing supplies, which also could be tailored to your needs by adding the missing items such as the Moving Blankets or Packing Peanuts.

The following points will assist us in delivering a damage free move:

  • If you use the dining room table as your workstation, put down protection before you start.  Cut open and laid flat moving boxes, or a blanket work fine. 
  • When packing take few minutes and write on three sides of each box the general contents and which room they belong to. This will help us to place them in their related rooms. 
  • Order moving blankets for covering antiques, mirrors, appliances and most bulky items that are not packed in boxes.  Moving blankets are the among the most economical tools and pay for themselves by protecting your valuables.  Remember, when it comes to moving blankets: the more the merrier!
  • Packing methods vary from light duty to heavy duty.  The packing is generally light duty when our customers carry items in their own car.  We recommend medium or heavy-duty packing for items that go into the truck.  Please fill your boxes to capacity to help them maintain structural integrity.  This allows us to stack without crush damage.


There is more to unpacking than taking your belongings out of boxes.  If you want to be there and direct our crew as to where you want things to go we will follow your instructions.  If you are not home and wish that we unpack all items, we will do so carefully and thoughtfully.  Your home will be ready for occupancy when you arrive.

Loading The Truck

Some load the truck partway.  We load it to the “rafters.”  Tightly packing your belongings like Joanna’s Movers does is better because your belongings do not shift during transport.  The use of ratchet straps and para-cord are also preventative measures used for short and long distance transport of your belongings to keep them exactly where they were loaded.

 Unloading The Truck

Joanna’s Movers matches the boxes to the rooms, sets up the furniture, cleans out the truck, and for an additional fee may remove your unwanted boxes and trash.  Joanna's Movers does not re-use boxes but can take your unwanted materials to the dump or a recycling center.

What We Provide:

Joanna’s Movers is a moving company offering reliable labor and discounted moving boxes and packing supplies with free shipping, factory direct to your doorstep. We provide light tools, light and heavy duty dollies, furniture pads and bands and experienced workers with great work ethic, intellect and integrity.