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It was called the “Do it yourself move” or DITY.  Now it is called the Personally Procured Move.  Unless it is your first move or your last move, you are probably eligible.  Go to the website: and choose from the variety of options, including getting reimbursed and making a bit if your move is less than 95% of the expected cost.

When you make your move, it will be easier to do if you hire Joanna’s Movers.  Asking friends and family to help with moves saves money – but, are they going to show up, do they really want to help you move?

The United State Department of Defense (DOD) allows incentive based Personal Property moves if the question “Is government transportation available” is answered in the affirmative “Yes”, and the question “Is a commercial company being used” (implied for transportation) in the negative “No”[1].

If you are going to take advantage of a PPM (personally procured move) you may want to hire Joann’s Movers to help you move.



Joanna Pumroy, CEO
Joanna Pumroy, CEO